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Video Game Web Links

Constantly on the look for new video gaming links, the Game Zero staff is happy to share with you some of the places we've run across in our adventures. Links are broken up into groups relating to:
-> the Hardware Manufacturers who make the systems we all love (or hate)
-> the Software Companies that keep the hardware companies in business
-> the Development/Hardware Support Companies who work behind the scenes
-> pages dedicated to Specific Games that we all know and play
-> Fan Pages (listed by manufactures) dedicated to one company's consoles and software
-> general PC-Gaming related pages
-> a listing of Newsgroups that can be found on the Internet.
-> and sites that cater to gaming in general or deal with multiple platforms.

Enjoy and explore!

(Links edited recently are preceeded by a red bullet - or for text only, a "+".
Links followed by a "
(J)" indicates all or partial Japanese contents.)

Hardware Manufacturers

* Apple/Bandai -- Pippin
| There are no longer any known official sites -- If you have new info, contact us.
| Fan pages
* Atari -- Jaguar, Lynx
| Atari's official web site -- Infogrames Entertainment IR now pretends at being Atari since they bought the name.
| Fan pages
* NEC -- PC-FX/TG-16/Duo/PCE
| NEC's official web site Main entry point/Software specific(Japan)(J)
| Fan pages
* Nintendo -- GameBoy, SNES, N64
| Nintendo's official web site(US) -- Nintendo Power Source
| Nintendo's official web site(Japan)(J)
| Fan pages
* Panasonic -- M2
| Panasonic Corporate(Japan) (parent company)(J) (English)
| Fan pages
* Philips Media -- CD-i
| Philips official web site
| Fan pages
* Sega -- GameGear, Genesis, Saturn
| Sega's official web site(US)
| Sega's official web site(Japan)(J)
| Sega's official web site(EU)
| Fan pages
* SNK -- Neo*Geo
| SNK's official web site(US) | alternate(US)
| SNK's official web site(Japan)(J) (English)
| Fan pages
* Sony Computer Entertainment -- PlayStation
| SCEA's official web site(US)
| SCEI's official web site(Japan)(J)
| SCEE's official web site(EU)
| Other official SCEE web sites:
|     SCEE Europe(EU)
|     SCEE Austria(EU)(German)
|     SCEE Italy(EU)(Italian)
| Sony Corporate(US) (parent company)
| Sony Corporate(Japan) (parent company)
| Fan pages
* 3DO -- 3DO Multiplayer
| 3DO's official web site(US)
| Fan pages

We are always adding to our links. If you know of any video game-related sites that are not on here, please E-MAIL us at Thanks!