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Pages dedicated to specific games

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(J)" indicates all or partial Japanese contents.)

* Alien vs. Predator Maps
this site has a complete set of level maps for the game AvP for the Atari Jaguar.
* Bomberman WWW Page
an explosive amount of Bomberman material... no really, there is a lot here, the main drive of the page is on Super Bomberman for the SNES though.
* Alien vs. Predator Maps
this site has a complete set of level maps for the game AvP for the Atari Jaguar.
* Bomberman WWW Page
an explosive amount of Bomberman material... no really, there is a lot here, the main drive of the page is on Super Bomberman for the SNES though.
* Burn:Cycle
experience the hit game Burn:Cycle though this web site created by Digital Planet for Philips Media.
* Dragonball Z
has alot of information regarding Dragonball Z. Check under the Dragonball Video Games section to find detailed moves and charater bios for the games DBZ 2 and 3.
* Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z
not only is there information here about every Dragon Ball game to present, but you will also find a good bit of information into the printed story material that the game is based on.
* Pat's Earthworm Jim Page
Information on EWJ and EWJ 2 is located here, as well as material related to the TV show and toys.
* FF Home Page Intro
a site dedicated to Final Fantasy III (US) and Final Fantasy V (Jp). The first time you visit this site I STRONGLY recommend the above address... trust me it's worth it. For subsequent visits you can jump to the main page with Illucia Main Street.
* FF1 Maps Page
this page contains a library of maps to the game Final Fantasy I.
* Final Fantasy RPG
this page is dedicated to the net-played RPG of Final Fantasy. For more info check the page.
* The Virtual Plane
there are a number of scans of Final Fantasy series related artwork on this page.
* Killer Instinct WWW
this page is currently under restructuring to make way for information on Killer Instinct 2, so for now there is nothing here.
* Killer Instinct Home Page
where you can find things such as FAQs, various character's personal info, hints, and moves lists.
* Killer Instinct FAQ
home to one of the many FAQs for this game, contains pictures and various info.
* Killer Instinct Info
faqs, guides, and other KI related information can be found here.
* Oh No! It's the Lemmings Games Web Page
A Lemmings game page that has something on (seemingly) every version of the game out.
* The Unofficial Lunar Home Page
various information on Lunar for the Sega CD, including an FAQ, pictures, and more.
* Lunar - The Silver Star
general questions and answers about the game Lunar and the company that made it, Working Designs. This site also has information on Lunar - Eternal Blue as well.
+ Kombat Begins
this is Midway's official MK site, dedicated totally to all of the Mortal Kombat projects(ie: movies, etc...).
* The WWW Mortal Kombat Pages
heaps of Mortal Kombat information can be found here, one of the highlights of this site is the faked screen shots area.
* The Best of Mortal Kombat WWW
summaries of MK3 talk on the newsgroups, info on the MK Live Tour and the movie, as well as other useful information.
* Mortal Kombat 3
an up to date FAQ and tons of related info on MK3 including codes, a revisions history, links to other MK3 sites, and pertinent news.
* Motal Kombat 3 for SNES Homepage
Well, as you may have guessed from the title, this page is dedicated to MK3 on the SNES only. Mainly there can be found codes and secrets for the game, as well as info on an AOL chat club that the page owner runs.
* The Official "No BS" MK3 Guide
MK3 v2.1 moves, codes, and more.
* The Lin Kuei Headquarters
you can find Mortal Kombat 3 code news located here as well as FAQs for all three MK games.
* Chris Nyman's MK3 WWW Page
contains an MK3 FAQ dedicated to current versions of the game, as well as other related information.
* The Mortal Kombat UMASS Page
if you want images, sounds, posters and/or game information relating to the Mortal Kombat series of games.
* The Unofficial Mortal Kombat WWW Page
worth a stop, just for the bogus MK/SFII screen shots!
* Kombat Web
this page contains shots of MK actors on and off the set as well as other MK3 news.
* Need For Speed
codes, course records and driving tips abound on this site.
* The Pac-Page
yeah... Pac-Man. Graphics, sounds, strategies, etc, etc... even Pac-Man Fever lyrics.
* The Phantasy Star Page
dedicated to the Phantasy Star series, this site has a good bit of information. From maps to PS II to spell formulas for PS IV to general overviews of the the games.
* Q*Bert
game sounds, "how-to-play" information, and more.
+ The Ridge Racer Page
basically a page dedicated to the game Ridge Racer with commentary, tips and other information.
* Samurai Showdown Home Page
detailed information including character screen-shots, moves and strategies for both Samurai Showdown I and II.
* Samurai Showdown WWW Pages
you can check pages here on SS 1 or SS 2 for FAQ files, move listings and Japanese to English manual translations.
* Samurai Showdown 2 Web Page
even more SS 2 strategy guides for most of the characters in the game.
* Samurai Showdown Related Info
Samurai Showdown related FAQ info, as well as general information relating to the Neo*Geo.
* Street Fighter II Addict
descriptions of all of the characters for SSFII, plus character shots and FAQ info.
* Toh Shin Den
here you go, an FAQ for the first fighter on the PlayStation.
* Virtua Fighter Page for Beginners!
one of many places to stop for VF related material. While this link is to an English homepage, most of the site is in Japanese (this second link is for the homepage in Japanese).
* Virtua Fighter I & II Pages
choose between either game. At this site you can find FAQs and character information for both titles.
* Virtua Fighter
more Virtua Fighter I and II info can be found here as well.
* Virtua Fighter 2 FAQ
tips, moves, codes, a revision history, and more.
* Virtua Fighter 2 Information
various bits of VF 2 matarial, consisting of an FAQ file, the font "VirtuaFig" for the Macintosh, various pictures, animation files and more.
* Virtua Fighter 2 Technical Manual
an extensive FAQ of information can be found on this site, but, all text seems to be in Japanese only.
* Virtua Fighter 2
this site has complete breakdowns on each character, including moves, history, and background information.
* Virtua Fighter 2 - Sarah Guide
is located off of this page. This appears to be the only VF info on this site.
* The Home of Virtua Fighter
information about VF2 as well as screen shots and news on Virtua Fighter 3.
* VirtualOn Page
this web page is dedicated to the new Sega arcade game VirtualOn, Cyber Troopers -- a 3-D Mech combat simulator. While the site is mostly in Japanese, there is also some English content, as well as a good number of pictures.
* Outpost 247
has Moto Racer specific information.
* Vectorman
as cool as the game, these pages feature heavy implementation of the Hot Java HTML extensions with character animations from the game.
* WipeOut Fan Page
basically a chat room for fans of WipeOut, also has a set of links to other resources related to the game.
* WWF RAW WWW Homepage
dedicated to the game WWF RAW. Featuring moves info and more, as well as Quicktime footage from the game.
* The Unofficial XCOM/UFO Homepage
just about anything you need in relation to XCOM/UFO can be found through this site, including editors, game patches, release notes, etc...

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