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The Final Word game reviews

Welcome to the Game Zero's Final Word review section. Here you can find reviews for a wide variety of console games--both new and old. The current features are:

Our system coverage extends from post-Atari 2600 gaming to present, and predominately features U.S. based console systems. We also feature limited import-game reviews.

In order to provide a clear judgment on the games that we review, we have devised a rating system. This system is based on a scale with a 100 point total, each reviewer with a maximum rating of 25. The reviewers 25 points are divided among five categories, each worth five points: five being the best, zero being the worst. The scores are then totaled by reviewer and added to come up with the final score. Games are rated on Graphics, Sound, Gameplay/Control, Longevity/Playability, and Overall quality. In a Nutshell and Import Impressions reviews are sometimes not scored.

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