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Development/Hardware support company pages

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* Alias Software/Wavefront Technologies
well known for their work in providing the graphics development software behind many of today's new games, as well as those coming to next generation systems in the future.
* Catapult Entertainment, Inc.
home to the X-Band game modem, which allows players on either a Genesis or SNES to play against each other in two-player games via-phone.
* Lockheed Martin Real3D
information on the board behind the powerhouse graphics in Sega's hit coin-ops. You can find news hear about the whole line of Real3D hardware.
* MIPS R4300i Microprocessor
a page dedicated exclusively to the chip that will be the brains of the Ultra 64... contains stats and product information.
* Matrox
makers of several PC based video accelerator cards, you can find detailed information on this site.
* Motorola PowerPC FAQ
this page contains all the specifications relating to the PowerPC class of chips, including those of the PowerPC 602 which will be the at the core of the 3DO M2 upgrade.
* Nichimen Graphics
one of a number of firms providing game development tools for various gaming platforms. Known best for their Silicon Graphics based "N-World" suite of 3-D game development utilities, this site has information about their tools and other materials.
* NVIDIA Corporation Home Page
developer of the "NV-1 multimedia accelerator chip" which Sega makes use of in its line of PC game ports around. This site contains press release information on the NV-1 and not much else.
* Silicon Graphics
home to the company making most next generation gaming possible via their hardware and software, worth a stop.
* Viewpoint DataLabs
possibly one of the largest creators of 3-D datasets you'll find, this site contains not only information about the company, it also contains on-line versions of their catalogs -- allowing you to browse the several thousand objects they have available.
another of the many 3-D modeling design firms you'll find around. This site seems to only provide basic catalog information along with example views of their work.
* Zygote Media Group
this company creates data for use in 3-D modeling as well, although from what they present on their site, they seem to be specialized in models of anatomy.

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