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Welcome to the Game Zero's Video Pit, your complete video game movie source! This page features Game Zero's in house recordings of all the latest greatest games.

In February 2014, all of the videos were uploaded to YouTube, and individual download links have been added to the each page.

In January 2007, all of the videos were converted to MPEG-1 format due to the inability of most players to handle the older Indeo format AVI files. Both files are available now for download.

Featured Media

* Capcom's Breath of Fire 3 for the Sony PlayStation

* Capcom's Rockman 8 for the Sony PlayStation

* 3DO's Technology Demo for the 3DO M2

* Nintendo's Mario 64 (working title) for the Nintendo 64

* Psygnosis' WipeOut for the Sega Saturn

* Acclaim's X-Men: Children Of The Atom for the Sega Saturn

* Sega's Panzer Dragoon II (Zwei) for the Sega Saturn

* Capcom's Vampire, The Night Warriors [DarkStalkers in the US] for the Sony PlayStation

* Capcom's Street Fighter Alpha 2 for Arcade Coin-Op

* Konami's Project Overkill (pre-alpha) for the Sony PlayStation

For older featured videos, feel free to browse our archive.

Links to player sites.

You can check Intel's (now Ligos) web site for AVI player/conversion related materials at:
* for general Indeo AVI related files -- "".

You can find MP3 players for most platforms at:
* "".