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Features range from system coverage and industry news to culture and curiousities.
* The Future of Console Gaming - A four part analysis.
* -- Addendum #1 - Nintendo's hardware release record.
* How to Be a Good Game Developer
* THE WAR FOR America's thumbs (Rebuttle) - Response to an article featured on Salon.
* The Nintendo '96 Van Tour - An overview of Nintendo's wares at the close of 1996.
* "An Unhealthy Love of Kitana" - A Commentary on Ultimate MK3
* Going Out With a Bang - Killer Instinct marks a turning point for 16-bit consoles.
* XBANDing - A New Way to Play.
* Introducing: The PC-FX - NEC's follow-up to the TurboDuo.
* It's no SNES (comments on the U64)
* PlayStation - Hip or Hype?
* The Great Polygon Mystery
* Multi-Media, It's More Than You Might Think
* Atari Jaguar - On the Prowl
* Amiga CD32 - A Special Preview From Overseas
* 3DO, Formatting Our Future
* Overseas - A European Gamers Diary
* TurboDuo is Released!
* Almost Reality - A Look at Virtual Reality
* Virtual Fantasy! - V.R. in Today's Media
* Sega Gears Up - Sonic II & Sega CD
* Violence and Video Games
* WAR! - Nintendo Vs. Sega

Industry News

Tradeshows such as the Winter Consumer Electronics Show (WCES) and the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) feature the most exciting developments in the industry. Hosting thousands of exhibitors and attendees, tradeshows such as these showcase literally millions of square feet in exhibits - and we can't wait to tell you about them all.
* Coverage of The 2001 E3 Show
* Coverage of The 1999 Winter CES
* Coverage of The 1998 Winter CES
* Coverage of The 1997 E3 Show
* Coverage of The 1996 E3 Show
* Coverage of The 1996 Winter CES
* Coverage of The Nintendo Ultra 64 Premier at the Shoshinkai Show
* Coverage of The 1995 E3 Show
* Coverage of The 1995 Winter CES
* Coverage of The 1994 Summer CES
* Coverage of The 1993 Winter CES
* Coverage of The 1992 Summer CES


Ever wonder what goes on behind the closed doors of the development labs? Find out in to-the-point interviews between the Game Zero staff and the programmers, developers and industry leaders who make it all happen.
* Dr. H. Peter Hofstee, Cell Chief Scientist and Cell Synergistic Processor Chief Architect, with the IBM Systems and Technology Group.
* Crystal Dynamics developers talking about their first Saturn game, Solar Eclipse.
* BlueSky Software, Creators of Vectorman for the Sega Genesis.
* Mark Hirsch, President of 47 Tek
* Seth Mendelsohn, Creative Director, Boss Game Studios
* Hyper Image Productions, Creators of Phase Zero (formerly Hover Hunter) for the Atari Jaguar.
* Zinc Studios, Creators of BIOSFear for the 3DO.
* Howard Lincoln, Senior V.P., Nintendo of America

Head to Head

Head to Head makes direct comparisons of titles available on multiple systems. With the increasing number of cross licensed products the impact on system sales could be large. Head to Head does not try to answer which system is best - only which version of a particular game is better. Yet we all know that whichever system has the majority of better games will inevitably come out on top!
* Battle Arena Tohshinden vs. Battle Arena Tohshinden Remix (PlayStation vs. Saturn)
* Off World Interceptor Extreme (Saturn vs. PlayStation)
* Rayman (Jaguar vs. PlayStation vs. Saturn)
* Super Street Fighter II (SNES vs. Genesis)
* Fatal Fury (SNES vs. Genesis)
* Prince of Persia (Sega CD vs. SNES vs. TG-16-CD)
* Ninja Gaiden (GameGear vs. Lynx)
* Street Fighter II, The World Warrior (SNES vs. Arcade)
* Ys III, Wanderers From Ys (TG-16-CD vs. SNES vs. Genesis)
* Thunder Force III vs. Thunder Spirits (Genesis vs. SNES)

Remember When...

A blast from the past, read about classic coin-ops, the history of video games, and home systems dating back to the Vectrex, ColecoVision, Atari 2600 and beyond.
* Classic Platformers, general commentary as well as video footage from Batman on the NES.
* Multi-Player Arcade Games..., discussion on some memorable coin-ops as well as video footage from Darius Plus on the Super Grafx.
* Phoenix: The Fall and Rise of Home Videogames (a book review)
* Hellraiser (for the NES)
* Mourning The Passing..., of 8-bit gaming
* I Need a Time Machine
* Rambling Ramblings
* State of Remakes

Fantasy Realm

Fantasy Realm features in-depth reviews, news and strategy for adventure and role-playing games on all systems.
* News for February, 1996 - featuring Breath of Fire 2
* News for December, 1995 - featuring Secret of Evermore
* News for October, 1995 - featuring ChronoTrigger and Lunar: Eternal Blue
* News for August, 1995
* News for June, 1995 - featuring Ogre Battle
* News for May, 1995

The Math Behind the Magic

Phong-shaded ray-traced texture-mapped realtime polygon graphics... we all know that's good, but why? Learn how master programmers create the ultra-realistic games that wow players in this continuing series.
* Processor Design, demystifying the video game processor
* Making It All Move

A Look Ahead

A Look Ahead provides a glimpse into the future of gaming, with overviews of new products and software from various companies.
* Star Gladiator - Capcom's first 3-D fighting game, available for Arcade and PlayStation in 1996.
* G-Police - a new release from Sony Interactive (Psygnosis) for 1996/1997 release.
* City of the Lost Children - a new release from Sony Interactive (Psygnosis) for Winter 1996.
* Virtua Fighter 3 - a new Arcade title from Sega to be available Summer 1996.
* Formula One World Championship - a new release from Sony Interactive (Psygnosis) for July of 1996.
* Silverload - a new, 1996 release from Vik Tokai for the Sony PlayStation.
* Chronicles of the Sword, a new PC CD-ROM/PlayStation release from Sony Interactive (Psygnosis), marked for release in March/April of 1996.
* Assault Rigs, an upcoming release from Sony Interactive (Psygnosis), this tank combat game is slated for an early '96 release.
* Resident Evil, a sneak peak into Capcom's latest endevour, schedualed for release in March of 1996.