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* Atari Jaguar High Scores
the name says everything about this page run by the University of Evansville Gamers' Guild.
* AtariLink Directory
this site contains lists of Atari Lynx and Jaguar owners around the world who are interested in meeting people to play linked, multi-player games.
* Atari Lynx
a Lynx specific page where you can find tips, tricks, reviews, an instruction manual archive, and FAQs plus info on how to clock your Lynx up to 24Mhz!
* Atari Jaguar Homepage
one of the "unofficial" Atari Jaguar homepages. News, reviews, screenshots and more.
* Atari on the Web!
contains links to other Atari-related resources, such as FAQs and newsletters.
* Central Atari Information Network
or CAIN for short previously maintained a web site at this location. You can currently find contact information here for their organization, as well as a letter from Don Thomas, a former employee of Atari.
* Atari Jaguar
you can find here copies of manuals for most of the Jaguar games out as well as a Highscores listing. Some of this pages contents are available in German as well. This site also has back issues of the German based Jaguar Mag.
* Kitten Litter
Atari Jaguar specific news, reviews, and photos, as well as some general opinion articles. Note that this site will be moving or closing for good around the end of the year.
* DrkForce's Jaguar HomePage
general Jag related news as well as items relating to the 2600 and 7800 systems.
* Jag Pad
another Jag specific page featuring your standard assortment of content.
* Jaguar Interactive
this page appears to be strictly a newsgroup-type message page, with a copy of the Jaguar FAQ, and a cheats listing.
* Just Claws Jaguar 64 Page
look here first for information on Jaguar 64 development kits, both official and unofficial. You'll also find general commentary on the Jaguar, it's software, and related news here.
* The Mage's Jaguar Page
not only can you find a document about hacking the VLM here, as well as button layouts for games that don't support the Pro-Controller, but this site also holds an FAQ file of cheats and spoilers for the Jaguar as well.
* Outpost 247
a Jag specific site featuring reviews, game codes, videos, and sound files as well as current news.

We are always adding to our links. If you know of any Atari console games-related sites that are not on here, please E-MAIL us at Thanks!