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Multi-platform/title related pages

(Links edited recently are preceeded by a red bullet - or for text only, a "+".
Links followed by a "
(J)" indicates all or partial Japanese contents.)

* Aaron's Video Games Page
while still under development, this site looks to hold information regarding all of the next generation systems.
* The Babe List
this page has a good bit of background information about many of the female characters present in Capcom's numerous fighting games as well as graphics of the characters.
* The Blip Side
home to the Street Fighter Alpha - "Rose" FAQ, as well as a commentary on how to improve fighting game AI.
* Michel Buffa's Video Games Page
provide a wide range of information on video games for all systems.
* Arcane-Gamerz
general gaming forums with threads on game music, artwork, etc...
* Center for Glitch Studies
an intersting site dedicated to documenting glitches in games for several platforms. Featuring illustrative screen captures as well as text descriptions about how to repeat a glitch. The site really only works under Internet Explorer, so if you're using an alternate browser be aware. (non-shorturl link)
* Cheater's Krypt
game codes
* CheatZilla
this site contains a code server which provides cheat codes. Codes are available for: The Game Genie, The Pro-Action Replay, and Gold Finger.
* .coNsOle .wORlD
contains keyword searchable versions of Nick Paiement's Game rating lists, as well as many FAQs and back issues of several electronic gaming zines.
* Consoles
your basic game console coverage. This site has pages dedicated to both the Nintendo 64, the PlayStation, although the predominant focus of the site's contents are on the later system.
* Digital Extremes
this site has both console and PC gaming coverage for most platforms.
* Expert-Guides
general how-to information site with material about games, hardware, etc...
* Dragon King Video Game Tips
tips, cheats and other such information for various platforms.
* Eddy's Video Game Home Page
this page has comments on console and arcade games, as well as a great library of video game related art.
* Faqs R Us
this page has a number of arcade fighting game FAQs located on it.
* Fatman Games
multi-platform game collector information, news, and more.
* Gaming Evolution Network
news and reviews covering GameCube, GBA, PS2, X-Box and others.
* Game Goons
a small number of game reviews, the site seems to be focused on more on sales.
+ Game Rankings
a huge aggregate scores portal.
* Games Domain - Games related information site
is a comprehensive collection of hyperlinks to other game-related resources.
* Game Music Homepage
looking for a song from a particular game? Well, the selection here isn't huge, but it is growing. The files here appear to be in midi format only for the time being.
news and reviews related to Internet gaming.
* Game Patch Server
this site contains a code server which provides cheat codes. Codes are available for: The Game Genie, The Pro-Action Replay, and Gold Finger.
* The Gamer Mailing List
this site is the information page for the Japanese Gamer Mailing List, which has discussion covering several platforms. This site is only in Japanese, and please, only subscribe to the ML if you are able to read/write Japanese.
* Gamers' Guild
this site is dedicated to The University of Evansville Gamers' Guild. It features club releated video game information as well as other items, such as a Atari Jaguar Hi-Scores listing.
* Gamer's Heaven
various gaming news and photos for titles on a number of different platforms.
* GameWave
a page run by Nathan Cochrane where he has reviews on Console, PC and Arcade games as well as other information.
* Game Victims
general gaming news and aticles.
* G-Force Special
while the main page at first seems to be related to a single fighting game, there is actually a respectable number of reviews hear across several platforms, as well some game related audio files.
* Home of Thore Johnsen
information on the Norwegian launch of the PlayStation, as well as home to the "Console Video Standards" FAQ.
* Homepage of Shinji Yaguma
this site has FAQ information for Sony's PlayStation, and Sega's 32X and Saturn systems.
* International Video Gamers Association
(IVGA) is a new organization established to help maintain standards of competition, currently for racing simulators, but with plans to expand into other areas in the future.
* Joysticks
a weekly review and news column featured in The Village Voice with archived contents available from the search at the bottom of the page.
* Kashi's Games Pages
these pages are completely in Japanese, but they appear to contain hardware information for the PlayStation, Saturn, 3DO, as well as other systems. Also has English content.
* Keith Ng's Videogame WWW Page
FAQs for both Genesis and SNES systems can be found on this site.
* Kling and Klang's Guide
reviews of games for several platforms... and man do these guys have attitude. I don't think there's a platform or company they don't slam.
* Konami Homepage
unofficial homepage that contains listings of software releases in both US and Japan. There is also information here about Konami music CD releases in Japan and more.
* Kritta's Video Game Reviews
a few reviews here for games on different systems with plans to add more as time allows.
* Chris Long's Game Pages
this page will take you to his pages dedicated to both the Sony PlayStation and the 3DO system.
* MacGyver's Video Game Page
comments and reviews covering all console systems.
* Ralph Miranda's Home/Game Page
news, stats, photos and game codes relating to several different consoles, particularly next generation systems.
* Natedogg's Dogg House
software reviews and comments relating to the 3DO and PlayStation platforms.
* Paranoid's Cheat Lists
this site only contains listings of codes for PlayStation and 3DO games.
* The Page-O-Spew!
MGabrys view on the state of the video games industry and other comments.
* The Player Domain
general purpose gaming reviews and related content.
* Stan Olson's Video Game Page
mostly contains links to FAQs and images at other pages for multiple consoles. Specificaly, you can find here the SNES X-Band FAQ.
* Red Raider 3 Home Page - Video Games
this page is mostly a running commentary from its owner on video games in general. But, there is also a good bit of background information on Working Designs here as well.
* Salut!
this French based site has both Saturn and PlayStation areas, although the PlayStation area appears to still be under construction. The content of this site is written French.
* Sega and Turbo Backers
reviews and codes for Sega and Turbo releated console systems.
* Shoryuken's Site O' Nothin'
access to the Street Fighter Alpha FAQ, and scans of Japanese magazine pages relating to SFA, with more expected in the future. Also, there are screenshots from Marvel Super Heroes here as well.
Street Fighter info
* Shoryuken
an Italian Street Fighter page
* Squaresoft Home Page
dedicated strictly to information on games from Squaresoft. This unofficial site has info on both US and Japanese releases.
* Starfighter's Sega Home Page
info on on Doom for the 32X and Shining Force II plus other Sega related info.
* Video Game WWW Page
opinions and comments on all of the next generation systems, as well as system photos and screen shots.
* Video Game Corner
this site is aimed at covering Hong Kong video gaming, and is in English.
* The Video Game Emporium
this page has reviews on games for all of the various platforms, but it looks to be almost all text at this point.
* The Unofficial Working Designs Page
information and news on Working Designs projects for the SegaCD and Sega Saturn. Not alot of news here on older titles for other platforms though.
* The Vault: Games Connection
general multi-platform gaming site with reviews, cheats, etc...
gaming reviews and articles related to console games which support on-line play.
* The Video Games Page
this page contains a running commentary on the video game industry with items about the various companies, as well as a secondary area dedicated specifically to the Sega Saturn.
* Waka's Home Page
one of an increasing number of Japanese web pages dedicated to video games, this site seems to cater to Saturn, PlayStation and arcade coverage. At this time there are console FAQs here as well as a handful of reviews. This site is entirely in Japanese.
* Wrestling in Videogames
...yes, it's as odd as it sounds... an entire page dedicated (in detail) to the subject of both real and fictional wrestlers in video games.
* Classic Video Games
even more 2600/7800 related info, including Easter Eggs for many games, an ASCII map to the game Pitfall and an interview with the creators of Archon.
* Classic Video Games Homepage
provides a wealth of information for classic game enthusiasts. Covers systems dating
back to the Atari 2600, Vectrex, Colecovision and more.
* ColecoVision Homepage
home to the ColecoVision FAQ, as well as information specific to the system.
* Lee's Eclectic Classic Video Game Info
home to the "The Classic Video Game Book & Periodical List" as well as other classic systems related news.
another site with reviews limited to older console systems, and apparently a planned future focus on sales.
* Retrogames
if you're looking for emulation and classic gaming news, this is one of the more long time dependable sites for information on the subject.
* SteveR's Classic Carts
the main feature on this site seems to be the rarity lists for most older platforms as well as a number of game patches and codes for games on classic systems such as the 2600.
* VGR's Homepage
more classic gaming console information here including a comprehensive list of every(?) 2600/7800 game ever made.
* Classic Arcade Games
contains more classic coin-ops information, including links to other classic coin-ops sites.
* Matt Cooley's Game World
for all of you classic coin-op junkies, this place has pictures and sound samples galore.
* Video Arcade Preservation Society
is home to the "Coin-Ops-A-Poppin'" arcade game listing. A project to make a comprehensive list of every video game coin-op ever made!
* Moose's Shareware and Emulation Domain

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