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Feature: Comics
The Polymer City Chronicles with Dr.Otto and Andrah


Posted October 31, 2007

You can also read Dr. Otto's commentaries at the PCC Homepage.

(This is a low-bandwidth/palette reduced mirror of PCC for people with slow net connections, or for
when Chris has problems with his own site. We also maintain this mirror since this is where the strip
originated. The idea is that no matter what happens you'll always be able to find the strip on this page,
along with a link to it's current primary address.)

Polymer-City File Photos

[comics pre-1999]

The Plastic Valley Report

Plastic Valley Data Files

Behind the Screens with Dr. Otto

I'd Buy That for a Dollar

[comics since Jan, 2000]

The Polymer City Chronicles
with Dr.Otto and Andrah


...if you are looking for other places to find
Dr. Otto's work, check "The Polymer City
" web page or you can chat with
him in his message forum for the strip as well.