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TTI IconTG-16/TurboDuo/PC-Engine related pages

(Links edited recently are preceeded by a red bullet - or for text only, a "+".
Links followed by a "
(J)" indicates all or partial Japanese contents,
(Fr)" indicates all or partial French contents.)

* Dark City Production's Duo Pages
* Everything's Turbo
* The Turbo List Home Page
The official homepage for the TG mailing list, hosted by the list's owner Bt Garner. If you're looking for something TG related, this is the first place to check.
* Turbo Mailing List Home Page
contains tips, hints and more for Turbografx-16 and TurboDuo games as well as info on import PC-Engine titles.
* NEC+Ultra PC Engine(Fr)
Pretty impressive French site with lots of rare items shown
* PCE Catalog Project
The catalog portion of what used to be on the Turbo-List home page.
* PC-Engine Fan
This site is a PC-Engine related high-scores site where fans can send in their scores to rank against each other.
* Pcenginefx.Com
* PC Engine Lounge HuCard
Just HuCard info.
* PC Engine Lounge CDRom
Just CD info.
* PC Engine Software Bible
* TurboGrafx-16
* Turbo2k
* Hudson Soft WWW Home Page
an "un-official" Hudson home page, the main feature of this site is Michael Mahon's list of all of Hudson Softs' volume numbered releases for the PC-Engine/TurboDuo, including info on each game.
* La NEC Pc Engine
this site appears to only contain some limited commentary on the TG/PCE platform for now. Marked as still under construction, be aware that this site is written entirely in French.
* The Turbo Graphx 16/Duo Support Site
the main feature of this site is the help/spoilers file for the game Ys Book 1 & 2, and there are some other TG related graphics here as well.
* The Un-Official TurboDuo Home Page
still under construction, but the owner plans to place tons of TG related information and reviews here soon.
* Ara's Server
contains his "Unofficial Ys Homepage" and his Video Game/Anime Image Gallery which consists of screen shots from various TG/Duo related games.
* Turbo Zone Direct
All that's left of the former company Turbo Technologies, Inc., TZD sells software, replacement Duo systems and other related items.
* ɍŏI2ndWeapon (kichikuoh.FX_homepage)(J)
This site appears to contain a fair number of PC-FX and PC-Engine reviews all in Japanese.

We are always adding to our links. If you know of any Duo/PCE related sites that are not on here, please E-MAIL us at Thanks!