City of the Lost Children

On a lonely oil rig, lost in the swirling fog of an unknown future, there is a sad man called Krank. Aging prematurely because he can't dream, he kidnaps young children, hoping that eventually he will find a way to steal their sleeping thoughts and restore his youth...

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In the city, a brave and honest man named One searches for his little brother, Denree, who has been kidnapped. As he adventures, One is befriended by a young girl, Miette, the leader of a wild bunch of orphans. Together, they adventure through post-industrial dangers and bizarre encounters.

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City of the Lost Children is an upcoming action adventure title for the Sony PlayStation and PC CD-ROM. The game includes over 100 rooms and more than fifty real-time animated 3-D characters designed with Softimage modelings and motion capture animations. Design work was done in collaboration with Marc Caro, one of the most original talents in contemporary cinema. Marc Caro is co-author of the soon to be released film The City of Lost Children.

City of the Lost Children is anticipated for release this Winter (1996) from Sony Interactive.


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