Resident Evil True Horror

(Screen Shot)Resident Evil is an upcoming 3-D action-RPG for the Sony PlayStation. A tale of horror and suspense, you play the part of Chris Redfield, an operative who has been sent to investigate a secluded mansion in the countryside. Inside this building, scientists have been conducting secret bio-technology experiments for the government. But now communications with the mansion have stopped and you must investigate with the help of a seemingly witless aid. After the heart-stopping horrors you encounter inside, however, your final goal is to locate the hidden helicopter and escape with your life.

Giants spiders, hideous monsters, and gruesome zombies lurk in every corner of the richly texture-mapped 3-D play area. The large game play area consists of a three-story main mansion, two attached guest homes, a tower, a garden, and a graveyard. A large variety of weapons and items will help you on your way, including crossbows, bazookas, chainsaws, shotguns, fire extinguishers, explosive cans of gasoline, knives, hammers, axes, torches, matches, medicine, and maps.

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Extreme realism is the name of this game. For instance, when using the shotgun, you fire from the hip, and your characters body recoils accordingly. Arms jerk back absorbing the shock, and when firing straight forward, the characters lead foot tips back lifting his toes up slightly. If you fire up, all of the characters joints give slightly from absorbing the shock. You even have spent shell casings eject from your weapon which fly out and bounce off the ground.

Enemies are equally detailed. When fighting a zombie, you can shoot its knees out with the shotgun. This causes it to collapse to the floor -- then after a second, surprise! It lifts its head and begins pulling itself towards you by it's arms. But don't panic (at least not yet!) -- shoot again and watch the blood pool on the floor; or if gets a grab on your leg, crush its skull in with your foot. If your aim is true you can even do things such as knock off a zombies arm -- it only slows them for a second, but hey! Miss once too many, and the zombie will devour your flesh.

(Screen Shot)Camera angles in the style of classic horror add to the suspense. Third-person predators-eye views reveal your character through twisting hallways and unknown dangers. What secrets are held within the walls of Resident Evil? What were the experiments being conducted? Why is your assistant so unhelpful? Is it all a government cover-up, or has some paranormal force been unleashed? You will have to experience Resident Evil to find out.

Resident Evil, by Capcom Entertainment, is due out in March of 1996 for the Sony PlayStation.

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