G-Police is a realistic 3-D simulation game coming soon to the Sony PlayStation and PC CD-ROM. In this action/intrigue title, you portray the role of a person who's sister -- a member of the G-Police -- has disappeared under suspicious circumstances. You must adopt a false identity and enrole into the G-Police to uncover the truth of your sister's disappearance. As you fillfull your missions with the G-Police, you slowly uncover the evil conspiracy behind your sister's demise.

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(Screen Shot)G-Police features a powerful real-time 3-D system. The realistic city which sets the scene for your adventures is detailed down to shopping malls, harbours, power stations, airports, commercial areas, sports stadiums, playgrounds, and even cross-town traffic. Multiple 3-D views including track, flyby, rotate, track enemy and others allow you to survey your position.

G-Police also includes many types of transports and weaponry. Players must pilot gyrocopters, block hoppers and riot vans. The robust array of deadly armaments includes riot nets, strobe guns, gas grenades, rocket launchers, particle beams and many more.

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Other unique features of this title include an evolving and interactive plotline. Failure or success in each mission may effect the setting for the rest. For example, failure to secure the the power station during this mission may result a city in total darkness for the next. G-Police also includes intense, high-color rendered cinemas.

G-Police, by Sony Interactive, is anticipated for release in late 1996 or in early 1997 on the Sony PlayStation and PC CD-ROM.

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