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A European Gamers Diary

All beginnings are difficult; so was the start of this article. But finally I made it; here I am. A new addition to the Game Zero team. I'm delighted that I have the honour to bring all you readers all the latest and the greatest about the European gaming scene. I will try to bring you a versatile piece of European news each issue, without the usual hype, of course.

Now that my first article is finally off the ground, I would like to make clear why news about the European gaming scene is so interesting. Well, I must admit that most of the gaming action is based in Japan and the United States. But here in Europe there are a couple of third party game developers too. So it is interesting to keep an eye on Europe and check out what's happening there.

Ok, ok, as a start let's kick off with some facts about the European gaming scene:

Okay, I'm done for this issue. I would like to ask readers to send feedback. I'm a novice writer, this is my first article, so all comments and help are very welcome. Just send all letters to the usual Game Zero address.

Thanks in advance,
-An European Gamer

Originally appeared Vol 2, Iss 2 (06-07/93)

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