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TTI Releases Its Next Phase in CD Technology

If you've looked at any recent news article, you were sure to see some mention of CD-ROM. With big guns Nintendo and Sega getting ready to debut their new systems, Turbo Technologies Inc. has been almost put aside. Many people do not realize that Turbo has had their CD on the market for several years,and already has a good software base. Now that times are changing, and technology moving forward, TTI has seen the need to upgrade their unit. Enter TurboDuo. The Duo is an upgraded version of the original Turbo CD. By this I mean that it retains all of the same basic components and processors. The largest addition is the upgrade from 64K RAM to 256K RAM (2 megabits). All of this is now bundled with a machine capable of playing both new, and old, CD and card titles. In an attempt not to leave owners of the original system out, Turbo will soon be offering an upgrade RAM card at a reasonable price.
The Duo still does retain many other advantages over the original system, however. One of the most exciting is its compatibility with your home computer. Yes, that is correct. The TurboDuo will double as either a Macintosh or IBM compatible CD-ROM unit. All that it needed to make the transition is a small transfer system soon to be offered from TTI. How about for the non-computer gamer? TTI has followed the trend of the SNES and added a scaling function to the Duo.
Coinciding with the Duo's release will be a series of new software that utilizes the new 2meg capability. Some of these titles include Shadow of the Beast - a computer action game, Loom - an exciting involved Lucasfilm RPG, Riot City - a fast fighting game, and Prince of Persia - an action game. Does all of your fun end here? Of course not. TTI has seen the necessity for good software to be readily available. In order to accomplish this task they are including five action packed games with the Duo. They value all of this software at $250.00. These titles include the three-in-one CD containing Gate of Thunder, Bonk's Adventure, and Bonk's Revenge plus the Ys I & II CD, and the chip-based Ninja Spirit.
Possibly the most exciting part about this news is that TTI is promising not to end all of this excitement anytime soon. TTI promises continued software support in the years ahead. Some future titles already slated for development include Lords of Thunder, Dungeon Explorer II, and Sim Earth.
As leader, and most experienced in CD technology, TTI is paving the way for other video game companies to follow.
With the Japanese video game market well ahead of its American counterpart, Japanese titles become an effective way to preview upcoming American releases. In Japan, the Turbo Duo's counterpart, the PC-Engine Duo, is already available--as well as the new System 3.0 card for owners of the older PC-Engine systems. Unlike the U.S. where Sega is Nintendo's biggest competitor, in Japan, the PC-Engine is Nintendo's largest rival. The PC-Engine software library is quite extensive, much more so than it is in the United States.
As of the end of this year, TTI (Turbo Technologies, Inc.) will be releasing American versions of many of the most popular current PC-Engine titles, as well as some of the older mainstays that have given the PC-Engine its firm footing in the Japanese market. In addition, they will also be releasing titles that make special use of the enhanced features of the Duo and the System 3.0 card. Some of the newest Japanese Super CD-ROM releases include Gate of Thunder, Shadow of the Beast, Legend of A Fantasm Soldier (Valis series), Spriggan Mark2: ReTerraform Project, and Macross 2036.

Gate of Thunder - (Hudson Soft/RED)
    This fast paced side scrolling shooter was designed specifically for the Turbo Duo, and comes with the American release of the system. As a member of the galactic Police, you must defend the universe from evil crime bosses. Many levels of fierce enemies, stunning graphics, and an excellent soundtrack await to challenge even experienced players.

Shadow of the Beast - (Psygnosis Limited/Victor Musical Industries, Inc.)
    Based on the original Amiga game, this action maze title has six areas filled with terrifying demons. But, among these demons, the most hideous and terrifying is you. An evil mage has transformed you into a hideous beast, and now you must seek the means to regain your original form. Gather keys, flip levers, and more to unlock the secrets needed to restore your shape. Detailed intermissions accent this engaging title. The U.S. release of Shadow of the Beast should be available this month.

The Legend of a Fantasm Soldier - (Riot/Telenet Japan)
    The most recent in the Valis series, The Legend of a Fantasm Solider is, in fact, a prequel to Valis II. As Yuko, players learn additional details about her past, as well as the history of the ongoing wars. This title is much like the rest of the Valis series in its action style of gameplay, however, the graphics and many other features have been greatly improved. New moves and new magic have been added to Yuko's already powerful arsenal. Cinema display intermissions add depth to the storyline. This title is currently being looked at for a future U.S. release, but no date has been announced at this time.

Spriggan Mark 2: Re-Terraform Project - (Naxat Soft/Compile)
    Pilot an armoured mech in this detailed side-scrolling shooter. Players can choose from different skill levels and must master several different weapons in this challenging title. Several different modes allow the player to see as much--or as little--of the accompanying storyline as he or she pleases. Some modes even have "window-box" cinema displays during game play. No information is currently available regarding a U.S. release.

Macross 2036 - (NCS 1992)
    Based on the Robotech series, you play the role of Miriya, a Veritech fighter pilot, in this side-scrolling shooter. The story picks up from the moment when Roy Fokker is killed by an attacking Zentraedi fighter. In your battle against the Zentraedi, you fight with all number of their craft through the multiple levels of play. During regular combat, you fly side-scrolling in the Standard Veritech Fighter Mode. When you fight the level's Boss (or Bosses) you change over to "Battloid" Mode for a one-on-one battle. Each level is optionally seperated by up to 10 minutes of fully animated feature, which allows the player the feel of actually participating in a whole new Robotech story. This title can also be played without the System 3.0 card, however, some graphics are lost. There are currently no plans for a U.S. release of this title.


Originally appeared Vol 1, Iss 4 (10-11/92)

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