Remember When...
Mourning The Passing...

My favorite sport games? Yes, believe it or not, Intellivision Sport games rank in with my all time favorites. Yes, I normally loath sport titles, but the Football and Baseball carts for the Intellivision were just too much fun.

I think I must have played those silly games for hours when they were out. At the time I didn't have a machine, but there was this furniture store where I lived and in the back of the store they had a big projection TV with a couple of recliners in front of it.

Now, don't ask me why these guys let us do it, but we would go over to this store for a few hours at a shot one or two times a week and just sit in these huge chairs and play the Intellivision that they had hooked up to it. Now that I think about it, it was pretty weird.

But I digress severely. This issue's article has nothing to do with any of this. This issue I bring you history in the making (ie: the subject of a "Remember When..." article ten years from now).

If you haven't been living under a rock for the last year, you may have noticed that 8-bit software support has slowly been tapering back to about nil.

As of now, from all appearances, Sega seems to have totally dropped it's Master System. My guess is that Sonic II will be the last serious release for this machine, and I suppose this isn't a bad note to go out on... I, however, was never impressed with the machine from day one.

Also, from all appearances, the Nintendo 8-bit is dead. Let's check with reality, when used video game stores have at any given time 20+ machines each for the price of a good meal for a family of four. As well as more used carts than you can shake a forest at for pocket change, then that's a good sign that a machine just did a commercial belly-up.

I predict that after Christmas you'll see places dumping 8-bit titles like they have the plague. Now, for those of you who are selling your titles to upgrade, welcome to the world of 16-bit gaming. For 8-bit die hards I have two words: BUYING FRENZY!

Oh well, I'm out of space now... Chow till next issue.


Originally appeared Vol 1, Iss 5 (12/92-01/93)

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