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Sega Gears Up - Sonic 2 & Sega CD

Sega is gearing up for the upcoming release of Sonic 2. Dubbed "Sonic 2sDay" (Tuesday), the Sonic 2 release day will be this November 24th. Genesis, Game Gear, and Master System versions will be released simultaneously. Demand is already so high for this title, many local stores have already started waiting lists.

Twice the size of the original game, the Genesis version of Sonic 2 is expected to hold many surprises and new features. A two player mode has been added, along with a new character -- Tails. This two-tailed fox isn't quite as fast as Sonic; however, the game will "warp" Tails ahead to help him keep up. In the two-player competitve mode, Tails and Sonic are viewed seperately on a split screen. The showing of Sonic 2 at the Summer CES revealed enhanced graphics and character animation, many more layers of multi-speed scrolling, and many interesting new "twists". More loops and a barrel roll-like corkscrew were just a few of the new challenges facing Sonic.

Sega will also be releasing their CD unit this Christmas season. In addition to the powerful graphic capabilities of the unit, the Sega CD will also include 8x oversampling and 8 channel digital sound. The unit will cost around $299, and will come with a CD containing many of Sega's older classic titles, as well as a CD containing Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective.

A variety of software titles will also be released to provide a large initial software base to choose from. Exciting games such as Batman Returns, Ultima Underworld, and Night Trap are scheduled for immediate release with the machine. Other highly-anticipated titles such as Cool World, by Virgin Games, are scheduled to hit the shelves in the months after. Virgin also plans to release Terminator in a CD format. The game will have twice the levels of the original, as well as new digitized characters. If Virgin can secure the film rights, the game will also include backgrounds digitized from actual movie footage. Many computer gaming classics such as Leisure Suit Larry and Kings Quest V are also scheduled for release shortly after the debut of the system. (Stay Tuned for our Sega feature and the Complete Details Next Issue...)


Originally appeared Vol 1, Iss 4 (10-11/92)

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