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* WipeOut
WipeOut Strategy Guide: (seperate page)
Access Rapier Class:
Highlight "one player", then press and hold (L2+R2+L+START+SELECT+X) to open up Rapier Class.
Access the hidden track "FireStar":
Highlight "one player", then press and hold (L1+R1+R+START+S+O+X) to add the FireStar track to your track list.
Full Turbo Start:
You need to have the thrust bar touching the bar between (counting from the right) box three and four the moment the race starts to start the game as if you had activated a boost power-up. A slightly easier way to time this trick is to push thrust at the very moment the announcer ends the word "ONE", but not before the sound of his voice trails off. Timing is crucial on this trick, so you will probably have to practice it a good bit to get it down correct. (this seems to work with all of the cars)
Medium Turbo Start:
Start the race with your thrust fluctuating between boxes six and seven for quick acceleration from the starting line.
Suggested Vehicles/Drivers:
The best overall vehicle/driver set-up for all tracks looks to be the Feisar Team, using Paul Jackson as the driver. Next best seems to be AG Systems, using John Dekka as the driver.
* Warhawk
Enter these codes at the "Password Screen".
 lvl|      Button Sequence       | Level Name
  2 | O, T, T, X, O, O, S, and O | Canyon
  3 | X, T, X, S, S, T, S, and T | Airship
  4 | S, T, X, X, X, T, O, and S | Volcanic
  5 | T, O, T, O, T, X, S, and S | Gauntlet
  6 | T, X, T, S, O, X, O, and O | Stormland
    | T, X, T, S, S, S, X, and T | Fight Kreel

                                 | Function
      T, T, O, T, S, T, T, and X | Infinite Weapons
      O, O, O,  , X, T, X, and X | A-La Mode (Invincibility)
      X, O, O, S, X, T, O, and T | Kali Mode (Super Swarmer Missiles)
      S, O, S, S, T, X, T, and T | Thor Mode (Max Flash Bombs)
      T, X,  , O, O, X, T, and S | View Cinemas Only
      S, S,  , O, S, X, S, and T | View Ending Cinema

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