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* Raiden Project
Screen Adjust:
At any point during game play, press and hold (L1+L2+R1+R2) to bring up a menu which allows you to set screen resolution, screen position, and other options.
* Rayman
10 Continues:
When you are down to 2 continues or less, at the continue screen press U, D, R, and L. Repeat as needed.
Screen Within A Screen:
At anytime during play, pause the game and while holding R2 press, O, O, L, O, and O. You should now see a smaller game screen appear at the top of your screen. Repeat this code to make it stop.
Hidden Animation:
At the UbiSoft logo screen press and hold (L1+L2+R1+R2), and continue to hold until the brick wall appears. Then, while still holding, press START.
 XNB9FM!Z2?  --  Play game with 99 lives
 SD3BKFooMN  --  Last level of the game
* Ridge Racer
Flag Fun:
At the title screen where you can see the Ridge Racer flag, hold down any combination of two of the top buttons (ie: L1, L2, R1, or R2). Now every other button/pad movement will control the 3-D movement of the Ridge Racer flag (ie: rotate, spin, zoom, pan, etc...).
Eight Additional Cars:
Kill all of the enemies in the Galaxians game to make a new group of cars available.
Race As The Black Car:
To race as the Black Car, you must beat it in the "Time Trial Extra" race. To have a chance at beating him, you must drive a flawless race in laps two and three (lap one doesn't count), and it is possible to win with any of the cars.
Race Backwards:
Begin any race with your car of choice. When you pass the "on-ramp" (the starting "corridor" flanked by "NAMCO" banners), run your car into one side wall, and then into the opposite side wall to force your car to spin around, facing the wrong way. Start driving the wrong way back along the track, up the "corridor" path doing atleast 100+mph and hit the wall dead on. If you're going fast enough, you will pass through the wall and be able to drive the course backwards.
Music Fun:
After the game has loaded completely, swap out the game disk with a regular music CD. Now you can listen to other music while you play your game.
* Ridge Racer Revolution (Japanese release)
Eight Additional Super Deformed Cars:
Kill all of the enemies in the Galaga '88 game to make a new group of cars available, only these cars are "Super Deformed" (ie: miniture cars with exagerated features).

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