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Feature: Comics

Plastic Valley Data File #2
Data File #2-(graphic) Andrah

NAME: Andrah
AGE : 243
HT : 7'1" (7'8" with mohawk)
WT : 387 lbs
HAIR: White
EYES: White luminescent
BLOOD TYPE: N/A (nitrogen based)

OCCUPATION: Vehicular mechanic, lunguist/translator, hairstylist; former Arcturan hovertank brigade commander/biogenetic weapon.

MISCELLANEOUS CRAP: A native of the Arcturan star system, Andrah was discovered by Dr. Otto in pyrogenic suspension in the cargo hold of a wrecked Arcturan transport. Otto brought her home for research and of course it doesn't take long for these doctor/patient things to get out of hand and so they ended up getting married (this had the added benefit of guaranteeing she wouldn't get deported as an illegal alien). Her physiology is way out there (too much to get into here), but for the most part she is immune to all but anti-vehicular weapons and has the approximate strength of twenty-five average human males. She is intellectually superior to Otto (but doesn't realize it) and has helped him create and maintain a good percentage of the household implements of destruction he has devised. She also has the natural ability to immediately comprehend and translate any spoken or written language. Her interests include vehicle restoration/modification, powerlifting, and collecting anything with Kirby on it.

5/30/95 - 6/4/95