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Feature: Comics

Plastic Valley Data File #3
Data File #3-(graphic) Laura McFarland

NAME: Laura McFarland
AGE : Deceased at Age 19 (1988)
HT : 5'9" (without 6" stiletto heels)
WT : 135 lbs (corporeal state)
HAIR: Silver-Gray
EYES: White Luminescent
BLOOD TYPE: Evaporated

OCCUPATION: Supernatural Entity, Object of Lust for the Emotionally Unstable; Former Exotic Dancer.

MISCELLANEOUS CRAP: Laura is a spirit with the ability to materialize into a solid corporeal form. Unlike most deceased comic characters. She was not brutally murdered; in fact her death was a result of her own carelessness (she bled to death from severe puncture wounds caused while trying to squeeze into a spiked leather bustier that was way to small). As a spirit she commands the usual batch of ghost like abilities (shattering mirrors, blood from the faucets, that sort of thing) as well as a frightening array of highly developed psychic and magical skills; the full range of her ability is unknown. The small dragon tattoos on her shoulders are actually miniature shadowdrakes which she can send out on recon or surveillance missions, or whatever else small dragon tattoos are good at. Her interests include horror films, heavy meatal and giving guys whiplash.

7/4/95 - 7/10/95