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Feature: Comics

Plastic Valley Data File #1
Data File #1-(graphic) Dr. Otto

NAME: Dr. Otto Bonn, PhD
AGE : 26
HT : 5'8"
WT : 135 lbs
HAIR: Blonde
EYES: Beady

OCCUPATION: Professor of Hypothetical Physics - Plastic Valley University, Inventor, Quantum Mechanic, Extraterrestrial/Paranormal Researcher, Public Safety Hazard.

MISCELLANEOUS CRAP: The result of a cartooning experiment gone awry, Otto is the first in a series of characters that lay dormant in a cartoonist's pen until 1988. Since then, he has made several unsuccessful attempts to become a licensed property; his ultimate goal is to star in a video game which would eventually lead to an animated film/T.V. series and tons of officially licensed junk. Currently he spends most of his time using his vast array of inventions and large quantities of ammunition protecting the citizens of Plastic Valley from mostly fictitious threats. He has the uncanny ability to turn even the most non-threatening situation into a potentially lethal encounter. His interests include video games, joyriding and tampering with nuclear devices.

5/23/95 - 5/29/95