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January 7 - 10

Coverage by:
tintagel and Mr.Vinyl

[Show floor]

Welcome to the thrill of the last CES of the millenium!! This event took place in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, and even though the gaming industry as a whole doesn't travel this show. Someone always has some news of gaming intrest that we can bring to you. So kick back and enjoy!

Force Feedback

The Hot Gaming Technology ...of When?

* Two new Force Feedback wheel and pedal sets compete with the Microsoft Wheel for your gaming Dollars.
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Software on Demand

* There's something brewing in PC game distribution and it has the potential to be really cool. AegiSoft has developed an encryption technology which will allow for renting a PC game at Blockbuster (or anywhere else) just like you can rent a PSX or N64 game.
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Two other exhibits that really caught our attention...

* The DexDrive by Interact...
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* and a 900 Mhz wireless Playstation Controller by UnWired, a brand of the Laral Group.
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