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From InterACT

The power behind the DexDrive is that it will enable people with computers and modems the ability to send each other codes, cheats, and other saved games for either the Sony PlayStation or Nintendo 64.

One example of how this would be a useful tool was explained to me by a company representative. They said that two friends were playing a game and one of them was a person staying for vacation. Together they tried to beat a game but the other guy had to go back to his home and they could not finish the game. So with this tool, he can go back to his hometown and get a copy of the same game and then they can each work on the game at the same time even though they live in different cities. They can send each other their saved game progess through the Internet or by direct connection.

The DexDrive comes with software to help the user organize the information downloaded from the Internet before it is put onto the memory card. Another great use for this device will be delivered by EA Sports. EA will be able to post up-to-date rosters for the sports games on their website and users can log on and download the newly updated rosters for their memory card. This will make keeping the game up to date easier since it eliminates the tedious job of manually trading multiple players from multiple teams, which could take hours.

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