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Wireless Infrared Headphones
From Un-Wired, the Laral Group

At the Laral Group booth, we were treated to a demo of the 900 Mhz Un-Wired PlayStation controller. The controller comes with a reciever unit which plugs into the slot where the controller would normally go. The controller had a good feel to it as I played Gran Turismo and I was able to easily maneuver the car. What was really nice about this controller being wireless was that you could move it any way you wanted to, whether it was pointing straight up in the air or off to the side. In any orientation the controller would still function with operate with great accuracy. This type of controller would work great at a PlayStation party since you can use them with the multi-player controller-port add-ons and there wouldn't be any cords strewn across the furniture. The players could sit in any arrangement and they could still play the games with great ease and accuracy.

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While at the Laral Group booth we were also treated to a demonstration of the Model 4000IR wireless headphones (another Un-Wired product). The signal from the transmitter to the headphones is produced using infrared beams (the transmitter itself just connects to any standard headphone jack).

Infrared was chosen because it is not affected by static, cellular phones, cordless phones or interference from other wireless devices like most standard R/F (radio frequency) devices are. [photo] The headphones have an operating range of up to 25 feet from the receiver and a frequency response of 35 to 18,000 Hz. When the person wearing them moves out of the transmitting range, a mute circuit shuts off all sound so they will not hear any static or hissing.

I found them to be really comfortable thanks to the lightweight design and an adjustable headband (which has a support band underneath the main strap that goes over your head). This makes the headphones more comfortable than many which feel like there is a piece of metal or plastic right against your head. This unit is ideal for someone who has a big room and likes to move around a lot (no cord to drag!). They are also ideal for someone who likes listening to music or video games late at night and doesn't want to disturb their roommates, parents, neighbors, etc...

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