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 The Final Word game review

Road Rash -- Electronic Arts

You'll break more than the law in this race for cash and fame. Save up your winnings, and maybe you'll be able to buy the that excellent super bike, for the ultimate ride. Just remember that when push comes to shove on the road, shove back harder -- better yet, put that crowbar to good use. Road Rash for the PlayStation, is from Electronic Arts.

This is the most fun, motorcycle racing game I have ever played. It is an exact conversion of the 3DO version. The only problem being that if you have the 3DO version you don't need to get it for the PlayStation. Nonetheless it is an excellent and very fun title to have. The graphics are pretty realistic. The backgrounds repeat a little bit, but who notices when you're driving 160+ mph down a traffic congested street. There are great video sequences in which you are depicted as winning, losing, wrecking, or even getting busted by the cops -- after each race. The music features songs from many popular A&M bands such as "Therapy?", "Soundgarden", "Swervedriver", "Paw", "Hammerbox", and "Monster Magnet". The game even includes a full length video from "Swervedriver". At the beginning of the game your bike's control is pretty crappy, but as you buy better bikes the control and handling are a dream come true. This game has five tracks with five levels. As you progress from level to level the tracks get longer. Overall, this game is a blast and shouldn't be missed by any racing fan.

Not only is this the same as the 3DO version, it is exactly the same as the 3DO version. Oh sure, the graphics might be just a little bit cleaner, but that didn't really come into play when I was immersed in the game. Additionally, as before, the music rocks. Another great thing about this game is the steady skill progression it provides -- unlike so many games out today that are a joke the first half and then beat you on the head the second half. Get it! Good!

>>>>> 46.5/50 <<<<< ???? R.I.P.
Graphics 5.0 4.5
Sound 4.5 5.0
Gameplay/Control 4.5 5.0
Longevity/Playability 4.5 4.5
Overall 4.5 4.5
Total 23.0 23.5