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 The Final Word game review

Road Rash -- Electronic Arts

Damn, this game was fun! Next to Need For Speed this is my favorite driving game for the 3DO, and as far as motocycle driving goes, this is the best. Graphics are wonderfully detailed, and even though objects (ie: buildings) in the landscape cycle quite frequently, the game is so engrossing that I never even noticed until someone pointed it out to me. Music and sound effects in this game are excellent as well, and I really liked the use of music from real bands during the intermissions and menus - there is enough variety that it doesn't bore you quickly. Play control is a dream, and you better believe those stats they give you on those bikes, they're right on - a 1000cc bike handles just like you would expect, fast, heavy and depending on the bike, varing degrees of control. My only complaints with this game are that you have no rear-view mirrors, which would have made the game perfect in my eyes... After playing this, I can't even bare to look at the older versions on other platforms without coughing up a lung. My other complaint is about the useless A&M records sampler disk that comes with the game, featuring the band music used in the game... all the songs are clipped at around one-and-a-half minutes making them TOTALLY unlistenable. ... So, throw away the sampler and enjoy the game instead!