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December 12, 2000

Trickle of reviews...
Well, I've thrown up a couple more reviews, although the biggest amount of them have yet to be posted. We hope to have up reviews for a number of PS2 and DC games as well as several RPGs within the next few days. For now though, I've added reviews for Sony's NCAA Final Four 2001 and Disney's The Emperor's New Groove, both for the Sony PlayStation. This brings us to a total of 507 reviews on the site. Whew.
By the way, I just have to note that The Emperor's New Groove was a real surprise and is my personal pick for best childrens PlayStation game to date. If you have kids and are looking for a winning Christmas title for them to play, don't pass this one up. It's fun to play and the skill level is appropriate children, so there shouldn't be to much frustration generated by this game.
Anyways, until next update...

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