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 The Final Word game review

NCAA Final Four 2001 -- Sony Computer Entertainment/Killer Game

Pretty average for a basketball game these days, though I would say this game is really only a pull for hardcore college fans. Oh don't get me wrong, the game looks nice for a PlayStation title... shiny reflective courts, distinguishably different players, and everything else you would expect from a Sony basketball title.

The graphics in this game were nice. The gameplay was decent also. I even found myself able to play reasonably well right from the start. I think the feature I liked the best though was the shot meter. The shot meter is a power bar that appears when you go to make a jump shot at the basket. To activate it, you hold down the shot button and then when the meter builds up to the right spot, you let go to try to get an optimal jumpshot. If you still can't imagine what I'm talking about, think of most golf games where you have a swing meter for hitting your shot... same idea.

There was really only one thing I serious disliked about this game though. I'm talking about the commentator. Fortunately, the problem was quickly resolved by being able to specifically turn off his voice. Brrrr... If I ever have to hear the words "string music" again, someone's going to end up with a hoop rail upside the head. This guys voice got old real fast, as did his limited dialog.

But all that aside, if you are a college fan, and you don't already have one of the previous titles in this series, you should atleast give this game a rental.

>>>>> 18.0/25 <<<<< R.I.P.
Graphics 3.5
Sound 3.5
Gameplay/Control 4.0
Longevity/Playability 3.5
Overall 3.5
Total 18.0