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* Daytona USA
Turbo Boost: (only works under "Advanced" or "Expert" tracks) [code from the Rec.Games.Video.Sega newsgroup]
Before your race starts, hold down the break button and rev your engine to between 6000 and 7000 R.P.M.s. When the race starts let off the break while still holding accelerate and you will get a starting turbo boost comparable to a rolling start.
Dancing Jeffry: [submitted by]
On the Expert track, stop your car in front of the statue of Jeffry (from Virtua Fighter) so that you can see him and then press X to watch him dance.
Developer Credits: [submitted by]
During the victory lap of a first place run, press START to see the full list of developer credits.
Drive Additional Cars: [submitted by]
In "Saturn Mode" with difficulty of Normal or greater, win all tracks in third place or higher to make additional cars available.
Drive Horses #1: [submitted by]
In "Saturn Mode" with difficulty of Normal or greater, win all tracks in first place and you will now be given a horse to drive.
Drive Horses #2: [submitted by]
If you complete the beginner track in first place with the horse from the "Drive Horses #1", you will be given a second set of horses to race with.
Subtitled Race Music: [submitted by]
In "Arcade Mode", at the track selection screen, press and hold U, then press C to choose your track.
Extra Time On Beginner Track: [submitted by]
On the Beginner track, when driving towards the slot machine (it crosses over the track), press the X button to individually stop each wheel. If you get "777" perfectly centered, you will have extra time add to the clock.
Mirror Mode: [code from the Rec.Games.Video.Sega newsgroup]
In "Saturn Mode", at the "Select Your Track" screen, press and hold START while selecting your track to race it in reverse.
Time Attack: [code from the Rec.Games.Video.Sega newsgroup]
In "Saturn Mode", at the "Select Your Car" screen, press and hold START while selecting your car to race with no other cars on the track.
Change Music: [code from the Rec.Games.Video.Sega newsgroup]
At the "options" screen, set controller type to "B". Next, start a new game, and at the "Gentleman, start your engines" screen press and hold either A, X, Y, or Z until you hear the music start. This will change the music for that track.
No Tires On Car In Demos: [submitted by]
Begin a new game and pull into the pit. Next, wait until the crew takes off your tires, but before the new ones are on and reset the game by pressing (A+B+C+START). Now, sit back and watch the Demo.
Hidden Sign:
On the "Advanced" track, from the starting line, turn your car around and drive up the ramp you will see on your right. At the top of the ramp in the back of the tunnel you will find a sign that reads: CONGRATULATIONS, You Just Lost, Your Sponsors!".
Off-Road Abort:
At any point during play, while driving off of the track, you can press START to return you to the road facing the right direction with your speed at 0.
Speed Through Pit: (only works under "Beginner" or "Expert" tracks) [code from the Rec.Games.Video.Sega newsgroup]
On your last lap around the track, you can drive through the Pit without stopping.
Censored Initials:
Just try and enter the initials "SEX" on the initials screen... can't can you.
Hidden Background Music: [code from Famicom Tsushin Magazine and other sources]
At the initials screen enter any of the following selections for music from other Sega games.
Initials |     Name of Song     |    Name of Game
  .KK    | Theme Of Kouchi      |
  A.B    |                      | AfterBurner
  A.Y    | Akira Stage          | Virtua Fighter
  AKJ    | Advertise            |
  ANI    | Rise From Your Grave |
  AO.    | Name Entry           | Super Monoco GP
  ARI    |                      |
  ASA    | Funky Bomb           | Strike Fighter
  BNB    |                      |
  D.K    |                      |
  DEK    | Advertise            |
  DST    | Beat Away            |
  E.R    | Main Theme           | Enduro Racer
  EXN    | BGM A                | Exhaust Note
  F.Z    |                      | Fantasy Zone
  G.F    | Beyond The Galaxy    | Galaxy Force
  GDA    | Wilderness           |
  GLC    | Air Battle           | G-LOC
  GOS    |                      |
  GPR    | Time Attack          | GP Rider
  H.O    | Main Theme           | Hang On
  H.S    | A.HI.RU              |
  HSB    | Defeat               | Galaxy Force
  IGA    | Select               |
  ISO    | Poker Face           |
  J.B    | Jacky Stage          | Virtua Fighter
  J.M    | Jeffry Stage         | Virtua Fighter
  JIM    | Title                |
  K.M    | Kage Stage           | Virtua Fighter
  K.T    | Adventure            |
  KAG    | Maximum Power        |
  KAO    | Toast                |
  KAZ    | BGM 1                |
  KEN    | Title Demo           |
  KOS    | King Of Speed        | Daytona USA
  KOU    | Title                |
  LAU    | Lau Stage            | Virtua Fighter
  LGA    | Let's Go Away        | Daytona USA
  M.M    | Outride A Crisis     | Super Hang On
  MAC    |                      |
  MAS    | BGM 2                | Enduro Racer
  MIT    | Earth Frame G        | R360
  MIY    |                      |
  MMM    | Blue Moon            | SDI
  NAG    | Openning             | G-LOC
  NAK    | Type 2               |
  O.R    | Magical Sound Shower | OutRun
  OKA    |                      |
  ORS    | Adventure            | Outrunners
  OSA    |                      |
  OSI    | Vivacious            |
  P.D    | Like The Wind        | Power Drift
  P.P    | Pounding Pavement    | Daytona USA
  PAI    | Pai Stage            | Virtua Fighter
  QTT    | BGM 1                | Quartet
  R.M    | Soup Up              | Rad Mobile
  S.B    | Sarah Stage          | Virtua Fighter
  S.C    | Game Start           | Stadium Cross
  S.F    | Openning             | Strike Fighter
  S.H    | Main Theme           | Space Harrier
  SAO    | Break Out            |
  SDI    | System Down          | SDI
  SHO    | Sprinter             | Super Hang On
  SKH    | Sky High             | Daytona USA
  SMG    | Advertise BGM        | Super Monoco GP
  T.B    | Burning Point        | Thunderblade
  TAK    | Type 3               |
  TET    | Tetrimix             |
  TOR    | Rush A Difficulty    | Turbo OutRun
  TRS    | Earth Frame G        | R360
  UME    | MJ-Dance             |
  V.F    | Akira Stage          | Virtua Fighter
  V.R    | Polygonic Continent  | Virtua Racing
  VFT    | Lion Stage           | Virtua Fighter 2
  VMO    | Swords Of Vermillion | Sword of Vermillion
  W.H    | Wolf Stage           | Virtua Fighter
  YAM    | Choice               |
  YAN    | Filthy               |
  YOJ    | BGM A                |
  YUI    | Good! Let's Go!      |
[If you have the song names or game names for any
 of the blank areas in this listing, please feel free
 to send them in!]
* Deadalus
Refill Suplies: [code from the Rec.Games.Video.Sega newsgroup]
At any point during play, on controller one, press and hold (LT+RT), then on controller two, press:
     A to refill your shields
     B to refill your generator
     C to refill your bullets
     X to power-up your weapon
     Y to get the item for that level
     Z to skip to the next level

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