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* Chakan, The Forever Man
Game Warp:
First, you must have a "doorway magic" to complete this trick. At the Elemental Plains, go to an area just above the entrance of the air gate and jump across to the right (you'll be on a small platform). Pause the game and select "Doorway" magic. Un-pause and Chakan will be kneeling, holding up two potions, then press B. The screen will flash and you will be warped half-way through the game.
* Columns
Right after you place a row of columns, press START and you will see the next row that will drop.
* Contra Hard Corps
Weapon Up:
At any point, pause the game and press U, U, D, D, A, U, U, D, D, and B.
* Cool Spot
Level Skip:
At any point, pause the game and press C, A, B, C, B, A, C, A, B, B, A, and C to skip to the next level. This also makes you invicible to enemies (you can still fall off the screen), and doesn't reduce your number of men if you do die.
* Crue Ball
Sound Test:
At the title menu, select "Music Demo", then select "Twisted Flipper". Next, press A, C, A, and B, then start the game. Before launching the ball, press and hold U, then press B till the volume level is at 9. Now, at any time during play, press (A+B+C) to enter the sound test.
* Cyberball
    65BB B8NB BFGV - Los Angeles Assassins Vs. Tampa Bay Razors($147,000)
    C5BB BMIV BH5X - Chicago Killers Vs. Boston Riots($233,000)
    P5BB B5PS IHEX - Minnesota Monsters Vs. Washington Punishers($999,990)
    CGBB B8FB BB2V - to see the Chicago Killers ending sequence.
* Cyborg Justice
Hidden Options Menu:
Pause during any storage of the game, then quickly press C, B, B, C, C, A, C, and B for a new options menu to appear.

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