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 The Final Word game review

Zelda III: A Link to the Past -- Nintendo

As a young elf in the land of Hyrule, your aid is needed to help rescue the beautiful princess Zelda and help solve the mysteries of the powerful Tri-Force. In this role playing game, you play the part of one of the ancestors of Link, the hero in the original Legend of Zelda. Here, you witness the emergence of the evil Ganon, and discover the history of Hyrule. Zelda III, A Link to the Past, by Nintendo., is for play on the Super NES.

Ferrari Man
While at first not impressed with the graphic displays, this game has awsome play. There are several "tricks" which take careful thought to figure out. I was very impressed with the alternate realities, and the problems they posed. This game will surely make for many hours of excellent play. This game makes up for Nintendo's butchering of Zelda II. Job well done.

Definetly worth purchasing for your SNES. This game is another one of those elite games that need no in depth explanations. This game is up there with Super Castlevania IV and Final Fantasy II, with the good story about the history of Hyrule, the creation of the Tri-Force, and the entrance of Ganon. The world is large and interesting with alternate realites. Graphics are good. Sound is good. Play control is great.

Excellllllent! If you're a fan of the original Zelda then Zelda III: A Link to the Past will be a must... Heck... It's a must have anyway you shake it. I would even recomend this as a companion to owners of Final Fantasy II... This game definetly requires more time to solve and more thinking to solve though in the end levels. This game proves a challenge to even skilled players. I don't recommend this Zelda game for very young players; it maybe fun, but as they get farther along it will most likely frustrate them. All in all good graphics, great sound effects, music, and superb control. I could see playing this game through multiple times. It's just that fun.

Zelda III, A Link to the Past is much more than it appears on the surface. While the gameplay has the feel of the original Legend of Zelda, the game itself goes much beyond. While the first Zelda had alot of mindless wandering, Zelda III actually requires a good bit of thought. With the use of alternate but similar universes having obstacles in different locations, getting from A to B means much more than walking a straight line. This excellent RPG has an exciting story as well. The story helps to fill in all the gaps and explain the mystery of the elusive Tri-Force and the legends of the Land of Hyrule. Zelda III is definently one to check out. The graphics are great, the music is excellent, and it's just generally fun to play. Link also has some awesome new attacks, including a spin attack and a charging attack.

>>>>> 90.0/100 <<<<< Ferrari Man ???? R.I.P. Salamander
Graphics 3.5 4.0 4.0 4.0
Sound 4.0 4.0 4.5 4.5
Gameplay/Control 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0
Longevity/Playability 4.5 4.5 4.5 5.0
Overall 4.5 4.5 5.0 5.0
Total 21.5 22.0 23.0 23.5

Originally appeared Vol 1, Iss 2 (06-07/92)