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 The Final Word game review
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X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse -- Capcom

Finally, a decent X-Men title on a home machine... not great, but decent. Up until now X-Men games have turned me off in many different ways, even though I'm a big fan of the comic book. This title is really well done in a number of ways. Graphics are great, and very clean. Sound and music... well the sound effects are good, but that damn jazz music that seems to be in most Marvel titles has still gotta go (I like good jazz, and this is not it). My only other complaint in this game goes to play-control, first off, you cannot re-map your button configuration. Second, while in "Training" mode you have access to each characters trademark mutant attack via a single button push... but, in "Mission" mode, this button no longer works and you apparently have to pull off your mutant attacks via some mystical controller magic that I was unable to do except by accident on a few occasions. (-pet peeve alert-) So you're left with jump and attack as your only button options on a SIX BUTTON CONTROLLER... Hello! guys! Programmers, please WAKE UP! This sucks!... (-alert over-) ehem... anyways, the game is good enough in other respects that once you get going, you can over look these problems, so go give it a look-see.