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 The Final Word game review

Final Fantasy III -- Square Soft

Hands down the best RPG released in the US. The graphics are very good especially for an RPG. I didn't believe that this music was coming from my SNES. However the best thing about this game was its story. Definitely one of the most interesting and captivating storylines in the history of video games. Each character has their own little story to tell and end up going on individual quests in the middle of the game. The actual storyline is very complex and the little cinemas illustrate it well. The story is so diverse that it will interest many kinds of people. This game will no doubt take a while to complete and has a high replay value. Square is to be applauded for this masterpiece, and hopefully has plans for continuing this series on American shores. Even if you aren't an RPG fan give this game a try, it just might change your mind about RPG's.