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 The Final Word game review
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Snatcher -- Konami

Attention all Sega CD owners! You may now put the gun down, wipe the mounds of dust that have settled since you beat Lunar, and prepare for one of the greatest sci-fi adventures this side of the Pacific. Konami has shown it is a gamers' company after all. This brilliant game first appeared on the MSX in Japan and was ported to the PC Engine Duo in the early 90's. Snatcher was, among Duo devotees, probably the most requested game in TTI's short history. Now (finally) this cool game is released in America, and all those who believed in that "Welcome to the N..." BS may just have the final laugh. Prepare for a "Blade Runner"-esque ride through a distant future where androids, disquised as humans, are attempting to take over the world at the direction of a maniacal scientist from decades past. This piece of silvery plastic is far and away the second best game ever released for the SCD (Lunar was the best). Although I finished this game in a short period of time, I also grew up on Cobra and Cyber City for the PCE CD, I got much enjoyment out of this CD.