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 Import Impressions

Toh Shin Din 2 -- Takara

Dr. Otto
I was expecting more of a rehashed version of the original Toh Shin Din, but I'm happy to report that this one far surpasses the original in terms of playability and the overall "wow" factor. Graphically, Toh Shin Din 2 blows by its predecessor with smoother polygons, unbelievable use of light and shadow, and some really cool special effects in each background. Sounds and music are on target, and newcomers Gaia, Tracy, and Chaos are sure to find their audiences (I'm using Sofia & Tracy as my new tag team these days). All the old characters have new appearances and maneuvers as well. Overall, I eagerly await the U.S. release of this game... It'll be a top title in '96. Look for a final U.S. Review in the months to come...