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Ridge Racer -- Namco

Namco brings the arcade excitement home in Ridge Racer for the Sony PlayStation. Chose from several cars and take the challenge - can you get first place?!?

Ferrari Man
Need. This game is beyond the want stage. No home system has come close to the action and thrills this game gave me. I couldn't put the controller down. The sound was incredible, and the graphics equally impressive. Not only would I say as good as the arcade I could easily say better than the arcade. If you have the money for a Japanese PlayStation, this is a must have game. The only drawback to this otherwise perfect title was the length. All of the tracks were the same initial track, with only a small segment added onto it. Lots more tracks would have made this game as close to perfect as I've ever seen.

Un-freakin' believable. I had much more fun with this game than I did on the arcade machine, this game is incredible. The PlayStation has really shown its power in this monstrously addicting and mucho fun racer. From the blazingly fast 3-D engine, to the perfect vehicle handling, this is the greatest console racer I have ever seen. The graphics and music fit the game perfectly. All this and a round of Galaxian too! I have high hopes for Daytona USA on the Saturn, but for now, Ridge Racer rules the console racing category unchallenged.

This game was incredible. It is an exact traslation of the coin-op, graphics, play control, sound... in all ways perfect. But, maybe to perfect. Ridge Racer suffers the same problem the coin-op has... not enough tracks, and that's really my only complaint. I recommend that if you have access to a PSX, you play this title. It will change the way you look at the current level of console driving games out there and leave you wanting more from the other systems. If this is next-generation gaming come home, then I say welcome home! I can't wait to see what second generation software for this system will look like... whew, just make sure you have a pry-bar around if you invite Ferrari Man to play!

Is this in my living room, our did I just step into an arcade and forget? Ridge Racer rocks! It is a perfect translation from the arcade. Unfortunately, this title may be short-lived, having essentially only one track with a few minor detours. Otherwise, incredible.