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 The Final Word game review

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Twisted Metal -- Sony

Dr. Otto
From the moment I tried this one out at E3 I've been waiting to the point of cardiac arrest for this title... well, it's finally here and it does NOT disappoint. I can't really put into words my thoughts on this title... you simply have to play it yourself. Quite simply put, I can't think of a better time I've had playing a driving/combat game. The freedom of movement within the 3-D environments is unparalleled by any other title, and the general sense of being there is without comparison the most convincing I've experienced, home or arcade. The two-player mode is a hoot... can't tell you how many times Andrah has steamrolled, blasted, landed on top of, crushed, compacted, shoved-off-of-a-skyscraper, and all around mauled OUTLAW (my favorite... the Police car) with DARKSIDE (her favorite... the semi-truck), but win or lose all involved will have the time of their lives... at least until your car goes plummeting Wile E. Coyote style off the side of a building to the streets below.