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 The Final Word game review

RoboPit -- Altron/Kokopeli/T*HQ

Assemble your own monster mech, then prove it in battle. Starting at rank 100, you must beat your way to the top of the heap using everything from punchs, swords, and missles to lasers and more. Play either one or two-player games, but don't forget to claim a weapon from the looser as spoils. Kokopeli presents RoboPit for the Sony PlayStation.

Hmmm... An interesting concept but poorly executed. The premise of the game is to scale your way through 100 combatants and become number 1 yourself. You are able to construct your own robot with various attributes. When you win a battle you get to choose one of the two weapons your opponent was using against you. The graphics are very plain and not too detailed. It's a 3-D one-on-one fighter with close range weapons like fists and swords. There are also long range weapons like lasers and cannons. The music and soundeffects weren't very good. The handling of your robot was nothing new or exciting. How long will this game take you to beat or how long before you get bored? Let me tell you... After the first ten fights I had essentially mastered the game, and grown bored of it. Even though there are 100 combatants, you pick and choose who you want to fight. Even though I didn't want to, I sat down and got first place, fought the end boss and wow! I was done. I fought about 40 battles in order to beat the game. I recommend this game to no one.

This game was a good bit of fun, but I felt it wasn't long enough considering what was involved when playing versus the CPU, even with the default robot. Once you figured out the the technique of knocking your opponent off the platform, you could blaze through enemies pretty quick. Graphics were pretty good, but nothing compared to other fighting style games out currently. I did like how combat took place in an interactive 3-D arena (somewhat like Tohshinden but the camera is always behind your head, and you don't have to always face the enemy). Also there are other objects in the arena, like various structures and in one space based arena there are large boulders drifting across the play area. Another cool feature is the ability to build your own robot for entry in to combat with a wide choice of bodies, legs (determens how you move around), etc... which really adds to the two player fun -- fans of the old classic Robot Wars may even want to take a peek at this one. The music is decent, but just didn't offer enough variety for me -- there should have been atleast two or three more songs. Play control was excellent and I couldn't really find any fault there. If you're into 3-D fighting games and would like a bit of variety, check it out.

>>>>> 32.5/50 <<<<< ???? R.I.P.
Graphics 3.0 4.0
Sound 2.5 4.0
Gameplay/Control 2.5 5.0
Longevity/Playability 2.0 3.5
Overall 2.0 4.0
Total 12.0 20.5