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Ridge Racer -- Namco

Ridge Racer, by Namco, is a 3-D arcade racing game for the Sony PlayStation. Several bonus cars and reverse tracks have been added to the two ultra-realistic arcade tracks. One of the more unique features of this title, players may listen the audio CD of their choosing during gameplay.

Dr. Otto
I enjoyed this game much more the second time around (The first being the Japanese version). This game still stands as probably the best home conversion of an arcade title in history (strategies used in the arcade work on the home version as well... that's how close were talking here), and I still think Ridge Racer runs rings around the Saturn's Daytona USA (even though RR essentially has only two courses, the reverse tracks present a whole new challenge). Thirteen cars to choose from (although you gotta work for 'em) keep things interesting, and beating the black Lamborghini in the time trials will keep you busy for some time. I've beaten this game and still like to go back and play just for the experience. This is a flagship title for the PlayStation and a 32-bit classic... now let's see the 2-player version!

Is it live, or is it PlayStation? Ridge Racer is a perfect translation from the arcade. The cars handle great, and there is no pop-up or other distractions as seen on so many other home console polygon racing games. Could use a bit more variation in scenery on the tracks, but this title more than holds its own without.

>>>>> 46.0/50 <<<<< Dr.Otto Salamander
Graphics 5.0 5.0
Sound 5.0 4.5
Gameplay/Control 4.5 4.5
Longevity/Playability 4.0 4.0
Overall 5.0 4.5
Total 23.5 22.5