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 The Final Word game review

NHL Face Off -- Sony Computer Entertainment

While NHL Face Off is the only hockey game for the PlayStation, this should not be your only reason to buy this title. There are several awesome views you can choose from, the coolest being the one at ice level. After this one grows tiresome, you should not worry. After all, there's still two good ones you can use. Being a PlayStation title from Sony, you would have to expect great graphics and animation, and believe me you get it. It tended to get a tad blocky though, especially at the ice level, but everything is moving so fast that you may not even notice. Sports and hockey fanatics need not worry, since there is an adequate amount of features such as the ability to edit over 26 player's teams and 26 NHL teams. I felt the game does come up a little short in the sound department, since I grew tired of the sound of the crowd after the fourth game.