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 The Final Word game review

Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete -- Working Designs

If you had a Sega CD, one the best RPG's on it was Lunar: Silver Star Story. Well, the Complete version is a lot sharper and includes many extra story arcs and situations that were not present in the game's previous incarnation. The gameplay graphics have had a nice face lift but are still pretty dated. However, the anime-style cutscenes are an excellent addition and most of the voice actors are pretty decent. The two CD's include almost an hour of footage which can be watched at anytime, after you acquire the right item. The music has been updated and suits the game very nicely. The gameplay is exactly the same and is nothing really special. The story for Lunar is nice and long. Some parts are fairly predictable, however there are a few great twists that were totally unexpected. The game takes around 35 hours to complete and is well worth the invested time. The most challenging part of the game is definitely the bosses. This is because the boss's strength level and powers are based completely off the the main character's level. Another thing to note is the packaging which contains 2 game CDs, a "making of" CD, a music CD, a leather bound instruction/art book, and a cloth map. The packaging definitely makes this game feel like a collectors item. Overall a dated, but fun RPG, worth playing if you can find the time.

>>>>> 18.0/25 <<<<< ????
Graphics 3.0
Sound 4.0
Gameplay/Control 3.0
Longevity/Playability 4.0
Overall 4.0
Total 18.0