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 The Final Word game review

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Krazy Ivan -- Sony Interactive (Psygnosis)

You fill the role of "Krazy Ivan", a notoriously unstable soldier who's mission is to erradicate the alien invaders while saving as many human prisoners as possible. This 3-D combat title features over 30 enemies across five different combat areas, as well as full-screen broadcast quality intermissions. Krazy Ivan from Sony Interactive supports both one and two-player simultanious combat via link cable for the PlayStation.

Ferrari Man
The new Psygnosis/Sony Interactive team is coming on strong. Krazy Ivan is full of eye stunning graphics, and a deep moody setting. However, the game itself was just a little shy of captivating. Too mindful of the old Choplifter gone mad, this title will not find a permanent spot on my shelf. The animations and graphics are worth checking this title out, but rent before you buy.

When I booted this game up, my jaw about hit the floor. The broadcast quality cinemas in this game are nothing short of amazing. They really make the PlayStation shine and are the number one reason for checking out this title. The scripting for the cinemas is pretty demented as well... except for the final cinema in the game, which was a downright lame ending. As far as the rest of the game... Playcontrol requires you to use all of the buttons on your controller, unfortunately you're forced to choose from five preset controller configs (none of which I was happy with). Personally in a game like this, I expect the ability to configure my controller exactly how I want it. My other problems were the overall short length of the game, and the lack of variety in levels -- You have five play arenas, and all of them are basically the same except for their color palette. Now, don't get me wrong, you may think from what I've already said, that I might hate this game. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, and highly recommend it more as a rental than a purchase. Unless you enjoy the music (by "Cold Storage" of WipeOut fame)... That additional feature made me sway, and turned the game into an absolute keeper in my book.

>>>>> 39.0/50 <<<<< Ferrari Man R.I.P.
Graphics 4.5 5.0
Sound 4.0 5.0
Gameplay/Control 3.5 3.0
Longevity/Playability 3.5 3.0
Overall 3.5 4.0
Total 19.0 20.0