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 The Final Word game review

Bogey: Dead 6 -- Asmik/SCEA

A great arcade style flight simulator for the PlayStation. This game contains many attributes of a flight simulator like: pilot controls, functional HUD, ability to stall your jet, a wide variety of missions over many types of terrain. There are also some arcade style attributes present as well: an unbelievably large amount of missiles on your craft, the ability to climb 10,000 ft at full throttle at a 90 degree angle without blacking out, a hull on your plane that can take three or four missiles before going down. The graphics are very clean and detailed. The music is well matched with the levels you're flying through. The control of your plane is very good though at times a little to good, considering you don't have to worry about blacking out. Heck, even the flares and chaff are automatic. The down part of this game is that it's not quite long enough to satisfy you. Granted there are a lot of missions but they are so easy when you have a virtually unlimited supply of missiles. The game took less than three hours to solve. Overall, a good flying title for the PlayStation and lots of fun too.

>>>>> 20.0/25 <<<<< ????
Graphics 4.5
Sound 4.0
Gameplay/Control 4.0
Longevity/Playability 3.5
Overall 4.0
Total 20.0