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 The Final Word game review

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Air Combat -- Namco

A terrorist coup has disrupted a small nation, and you -- as the best hired guns in the business -- must restore order. Choose from a wide variety of multi-national fighter planes, including the F/A-18, F-14, F-16, Stealth fighter and many others. Based on the arcade title, this first-person air combat simulation is available now for the Sony PlayStation.

Dr. Otto
This one's for the flight sim bunch...not for me. I was hoping to get the breakneck pacing and speed of the arcade original but discovered F-15 Strike Eagle instead. Not that this is a bad game, mind you...plenty of missions and aircraft choices to keep you busy, but as a fan of the sit-down arcade version I felt that the true essence of the game had been lost in the translation. Control seemed a little sluggish and had the general overall feel similar to flying a 36' motor home (Trust me on this...we've still got parts of the wreckage) but this is probably just me and my preference for a more arcade-style response. At any rate, rent it first to see if it fits your tastes...

Man, this sim kicks ass... I never really had the opportunity to spend time on the coin-op... especially at a buck a play, but this more than makes up for it. My favorite planes have to be between the F/A-18 and the SU-27 fighters. Both of them have great maneuverability and are a dream in a dogfight. Sure, it's not quite a PC-flight sim, but then again, this game isn't on a PC. I was so hooked on the game once I started, that I couldn't put it down... In fact, when the game was over, I was sorely wishing for more missions to play since once the game was over, I felt no strong urge to replay the title. Oh, well... maybe there will be a sequel. Graphics in the game are fantastic, totally 3-D landscapes, fully-textured mapped sky-scrapers. Detail, detail, detail... The sound is pretty good, and helps pull you into the experience. I strongly recommend this game to sim players, at least check it out.

>>>>> 41.5/50 <<<<< Dr.Otto R.I.P.
Graphics 4.0 5.0
Sound 4.0 4.0
Gameplay/Control 3.0 5.0
Longevity/Playability 4.0 4.0
Overall 4.0 4.5
Total 19.0 22.5