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Macross 2036 -- Masaya

One of the more highly awaited Super CD releases promised by TTI but undelivered to the U.S., Macross 2036 is a side-scrolling shooter that incorporates the history of the Robotech storyline into it. This game is one of my favorite shooters for the Duo. Play control is fantastic in Veritech mode during the main part of each level--somewhat reminiscent of Aero Blasters. When you get to the boss though, you change into Battloid mode for combat (this takes a little bit to get used to) and play control is very accurate here as well. The graphics in the game are some of the best on the Duo, great use of colors... and as I tell everyone, this game has some of THE best damn asteroids in it. The music in the game is directly from the Macross movie (butchered in the U.S. as Battle of the Bionoids!) and is great, as are the the sound effects. Intermissions in this game are quite long and make the play experience almost like an interactive movie. A definite must for every serious shooter fan and Robotech fans as well.