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 The Final Word game review

Mega Man 4 -- Capcom

Mega Man 4, by Capcom, is currently one of the more popular titles for the NES...

It's happened again, evil robots have taken over the city for the fourth time. But this time it's not Dr. Wily. A new enemy has emerged on the scene--Dr. Cosak, a deranged Russian Scientist. As always, Mega Man is called into action, but in this game you find out Mega Man's origin and how he made the choice to become what he now is.

Mega Man goes into battle with his helpful robotic dog, Rush. He also has had his Megablaster enhanced by Dr. Light. It now has three strength levels.

Mega Man's robotic adversaries are as follows: Skull Man with his Skull Shield. Dive Man and his Dive Missles. Pharoah Man and his Scorching Fireball. Dust Man armed with Dust Cannon. Drill Man using his Drill Bomb. Bright Man with his Bright Flasher. Toad Man and his lethal Toad Rain. And lastly, Ring Man and his Boomerang Rings.

But wait, these robots seem awfully familiar. I wonder...

Mega Man 4 plays in the same style as the previous three. Great graphics and good control are the trademarks of Capcom titles. An excellent sequel and easily the most difficult of the series.

Originally appeared Vol 1, Iss 5 (12/92-01/93)