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 The Final Word game review

Jet Force Gemini -- Rare

Let's just cut to the chase... Jet Force Gemini is hands down the crowning achievement of Rare's relationship with Nintendo. Discounting any miracle on the GameCube, everything Rare released after this game was pretty much a downhill effort.

The levels are expansive and detailed. The graphics and sound are top notch and really pull you into the game. Play control was tight and very responsive.

The skill level was right on for an advanced player, so don't expect your kids to have a easy time with this one. Aside from the corridor shooter/platform elements, there were some rather tricky puzzles to solve in the game. Some of the level progressions were not so intuitive, and that's ok. I would rather have a game that occasionally stumps me on figuring out where something is hidden than be able to just walk through picking up items as I pass them.

I liked the variety of characters and mission pathing based on what character you played. It was varied enough that I think it was a good way to extend the life of the game, without making me have to play every mission exactly the same three times through.

But... my gripe with this game. Ok, when I solve a game, I want credits... I want an ending. I do not want to be told, well... you've beat the boss, but you're only 99% done... you need to go back and pick up anything you missed, and then we'll really let you fight the boss for the end of the game. This pissed me off with Banjo Kazooie, and it extra pissed me off with Gemini. When I finally elect to tackle the end boss, I am ready to be done with the game. I've decided that I do not want to spend the time or effort on those five or six asinine puzzles that only students or unemployed people get to solve because they have the time to sit and hammer on a puzzle for 24/7 for a month. I have a job, I have a family, I have a life... my life is not this game.

I do no want to have to go back and do clean up before I can get the ending. Clean up should be optional for a better credit sequence only. 100% should not be a requirement to finishing a game. Look at Mario 64, or Mario Sunshine. Both of these games are excellent examples of how a game like this should offer endings. When you have met a minimum of game goals you can tackle the boss, and get an ending. You're done. If you want to go back and complete more goals and try the boss again, you get a different ending. If you go back again and try for perfect then tackle the boss, you get a perfect ending. But each time you get an ending.

So, as I mentioned above... after fighting the "final battle", I found out that I needed to play through every single level again to search for parts to a spaceship that will let me chase after the boss for the real final battle. Guess what... not gonna happen. I love the game, I enjoyed playing it once. I'm not playing though it a second time to get the ending. Not gonna happened.

Sorry for the rant... that issue aside, the game is awesome and one of the best/must-have titles for the N64. Even if you don't get the 100% solve, if you like 3-D platform games, you should really check this one out... I ...almost... highly recommend it.

>>>>> 22.0/25 <<<<< R.I.P.
Graphics 5.0
Sound 5.0
Gameplay/Control 4.5
Longevity/Playability 3.0
Overall 4.5
Total 22.0