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 The Final Word game review

Syndicate -- Electronic Arts/Bullfrog

One of the greatest action/strategy games of all time has made it to the Jag! This version of Syndicate is almost a carbon-copy of the original. The only difference between the two is that the Jaguar version doesn't have any of the cool animations that were on the PC version, and that is where the differences end. The standard view screen is very clear, however when you use the zoom option the screen becomes a bit dithered. All the music and sound effects are there including the people screaming when you burn them with your flame-thrower. For this game, the Jag controller is the next best thing to a keyboard and mouse. There are about 50 missions in all and believe me, it will take you a while to research all your body parts and weapons as well as complete all of the missions. Overall this game is an excellent translation. If you have never played this game through before and you have a Jaguar, this is a must buy!