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 The Final Word game review

I-War -- Imagitec

In essence, this game could have been another of the Jaguar's elite -- along with Tempest 2000 and Iron Solider -- but it falls desperately short with some slowdown and choppiness. The potential is there, I-War is fun... for the first couple of levels. The objectives are nice, and I liked the effect of warping from area to area. In fact, the whole game has a nice retro feel to it -- kind of a throwback to the days of I, Robot. The techno soundtrack is standard procedure and really has no impact here, it's just average, much like the sound effects. Two words: 16-bit. A few more months of tweaking could have and would have helped matters. Maybe it's the fault of the developers, maybe the game testers were disgruntled, or maybe it was the Jaguar. All they had to say was: "Speed it up, tighten it up, and suck it up. You got something here boys, now just finish it." Whatever the reason, it just adds to the melodramatic tragedy that was the Atari Jaguar.

>>>>> 12.5/25 <<<<< Benjamin
Graphics 3.0
Sound 2.5
Gameplay/Control 2.5
Longevity/Playability 2.0
Overall 2.5
Total 12.5